Surveillance video captures thief peering at sleeping victim during break-in

Victim's dog jumped up to say hello to robber

MIAMI – A frightening encounter in which a robber broke into a home and peeked into a room lasted a few minutes and was captured on two surveillance cameras.

The victim was asleep on the couch, unaware that someone was inside her home. The thief, unashamed, walked eerily past her to peek inside another room. 

"I looked at the video and that's when I saw what happened," Laura Lucas said.

Moments earlier, the thief rifled through the victim's bag and made off with cash, jewelry and an expensive watch. 

"That's when she went down, found the wallet and the cash, stuck it here, then picked up my watch," Lucas said.

The woman then walked out and stopped at a counter. The robber walked toward a side door and stopped before she appeared to look at something and walked out.

That's when a dog noticed the unexpected guest. 

"She left and then the dog came to see what she was doing," Lucas said. "And then she came back and he jumped up to say hello." 

Confident that Cooper, the dog, wouldn't bark or bite, the robber then came back in and grabbed the keys to an Audi that was parked in the driveway. 

The incident has left Lucas shaken up, and gone is the sense of security that she had when she moved into the place a few weeks ago. 

"I could not sleep the first night," Lucas said. "I barely slept the next night."