Maine dance theater artist pretends to vomit on man's lap during City Council performance

Bizarre performance includes flailing, attempted somersaults


PORTLAND, Maine – A Maine dance theater artist likely won't be invited back to the next City Council meeting after she jumped onto a man's lap and pretended to vomit on him.

Sara Juli was invited to perform for Portland city officials Monday as part of the mayor's "Arts in the Chamber" series.

Juli was introduced to perform an excerpt from a dance performance called "Shadow Artist."

She danced around the room for several minutes, flailing and attempting somersaults while saying, "Have you ever tried so hard to do…?"

Then she jumped onto the lap of Robert Bartels, who attended the City Council meeting.

Bartels didn't seem to mind, however. He was seen laughing and smiling.

Juli ended her performance with a loud scream and took a bow.

"Did she get any on you?" Mayor Ethan Strimling asked Bartels after the performance.

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