Margate restaurant ordered shut twice in 1 month

32 violations found in Sunrise kitchen last week

MIAMI – A Margate restaurant was ordered shut for a second time after a state inspector found rodent issues again.

Spanky's Cheese Steak Factory

Local 10 News was at Spanky's Cheese Steak Factory on State Road 7, just south of Atlantic Boulevard in Margate.

Spanky's was ordered shut twice in one month. Both times, rodent droppings were found in the restaurant under the front counter. The inspector also noted live roaches on the cook line.


Spanky's was also ordered shut in May 2014 for a rodent issue.

A man who said he doesn't work there came out and told Local 10 News to get off the property.

"Get off my property now before I call the cops," the man said.

"I'm not on your property. I'm on the sidewalk," Local 10 News investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier said.

Pine Court Chinese Bistro

Local 10 News then went to Sunrise. Pine Court Chinese Bistro is located at 10101 Sunset Strip.

Thirty-two violations were found in the kitchen last week.


"Sir, you don't have to hide," Weinsier said. "I just want to ask you about your inspection."

An employee was smoking while making noodles.

There was a stop sale issued on several items, including beef, pork and duck. All were out of temperature.

Live roaches were found crawling around on shelves under the cook line, on the kitchen floor and in a tea service area.

"Can we come in and ask you questions?" Weinsier asked.

Catering to Kids

An Orkin man was called in to fumigate after a roach infestation was found inside the kitchen at Catering to Kids in southwest Miami-Dade County.

But inspectors came back after the fumigation and ordered the kitchen closed again. Dead roaches had not been cleaned up and were found all over the place.


Live roaches were still crawling around the kitchen, and the inspector noted rodent droppings were in an office.

"What's going on? We been here twice in one month. We were here years ago," Weinsier said. "Should you be in business serving children food?"

"I am doing my due diligence to deal with the situation," owner Carmine Potenza said.

Potenza said he now has exterminators coming every two weeks. He claimed the rodent droppings were from a lizard.

"Well, you are shrugging your shoulders, but you have a responsibility," Weinsier said.

"And I'm doing everything humanly possible to stop the situation," Potenza said.

All the places mentioned were allowed to reopen following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection, but you now know what was crawling around the kitchen floor.