Spring break brings college students, concerns to Miami Beach

Some residents worried about trash on beach; others complain about noise

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Spring break is back for many college students. That's good and bad for Miami Beach, depending on who you ask.

Visitors in town for spring break will notice some changes when they head to the beach.

For starters, there is no drinking on the beach. Glass containers, floatation devices and tents are also prohibited because of the crowds.

Miami Beach police have added extra staffing through an eight-week period during the peak of spring break season.

There have been about 20 spring break-related arrests since March 3.

A Miami Beach hotel owner got cellphone video of a rowdy crowd at Ocean Drive and Ninth Street a few nights ago. Police took five people into custody for failing to obey their commands.

John Perachiotti, a guest at the Sherbrooke Hotel on Collins Avenue, said he hasn't slept in days because of all the noise at all hours.

Some college students said they're just trying to enjoy themselves. But it's more than just the partying.

Residents said trash on the beach is another concern. 

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