Twerking spring breaker tossed from Miami Beach police ATV

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Miami Beach Police want South Florida visitors to enjoy their spring break, but there are limits.

Video posted to Twitter shows a hearty spring breaker's attempt to twerk on a Miami Beach Police Department all-terrain vehicle on Sunday.

With a crowd surrounding her, the unidentified woman mounts the ATV in the front and begins to dance, only to be pushed off the vehicle by the officer.

There were no arrests and no injuries and the situation remained peaceful, but the department hopes others learn from the woman's lesson.

"The beachgoer made a poor choice when she mounted one of our vehicles as the officer was retreating from a large crowd," said Miami Beach Officer Ernesto Rodriguez. "We strongly urge people visiting our beaches to have a good time not only safely but also responsibly."

Since the spring break season began on March 3, Miami Beach police say they have made just 30 arrests and that crowds have stayed relatively well-behaved.