Man arrested for not telling woman cookies had marijuana

70-year-old man arrested over laced peanut butter cookies


PORT ORANGE, Fla. – Renee Holloway told police officers at Port Orange, Fla., that she was hungry when she ate all of the peanut butter cookies that a man gave her. 

Holloway said she knew something was wrong with the cookies, when she started to "feel woozy," according to The Daytona Beach News-Journal

She told police officers that William Van Arsdale had given her the cookies. Police officers would later learn that the 70-year-old man didn't tell her that they were laced with marijuana.

Van Arsdale allegedly told officers that he didn't mean any harm. He just didn't think there was enough there to affect her. 

He was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana in excess of 20 grams, possession with intent to sell, reckless tampering with a product with risk of injury or death, and possession of paraphernalia.


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