Concourse at Miami International Airport reopens after security scare

No details on what 'suspicious item' entailed

MIAMI – An incident that closed a concourse at the Miami International Airport was cleared Sunday night.

Miami-Dade police and the Transportation Security Administration were investigating a suspicious item found in Concourse E.

Officials never provided an update as to what that item was.

For a short time, the Concourse E checkpoint and the surrounding area on the second floor were closed, including at the curbside, officials said.

The situation caused a bit of an inconvenience for some travelers, who had to be evacuated from the concourse after 9 p.m. due to the security scare.

Passengers could still access Concourse E through the Concourse D No. 3 TSA checkpoint.

The airport stayed open the entire time. It didn't appear that flights were affected.

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