Brutal road rage incident caught on video

(Cinthia Lara / YouTube)

CHULA VISTA, Calif. – A violent road rage incident was caught on video, and now police officers are upset that some witnesses filmed the episode instead of calling for help.

KGTV reports the incident happened near San Diego on Monday.

The video begins with two couples involved in an argument with their cars stopped in the middle of the street. One of the cars appears to have pulled in front of the other.

Things escalate when the men and women split off to fight. One of the women can been seen kicking the other woman in the face after she had fallen in the street.

Eventually, an off-duty police officer intervenes along with a regular citizen to stop the fight.

No one was arrested as neither side wanted to press charges, but officials hope witnesses do the right thing next time instead of filming dangerous situations.

"I just think that's the kind of world we live in right now," Chula Vista Police sergeant David Oyos told KGTV. "We're thankful that people do capture things on video but we'd be even more thankful if people would call the police."