Chinese-Americans anticipate outcome of Trump's meeting with Chinese president president

Some want to maintain business ties between the two countries

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Miami businessman James Zheng runs a wholesale tool business, and many of his products are made in China.

Zheng moved to the United States  from China 22 years ago, and now is leader in the Chinese-American community in South Florida.

 He plans to lead 50 buses to Palm Beach to line the streets this week to greet Chinese President Xi Jinping ahead of his meeting with President Donald Trump.

"We are very excited, the whole Chinese community is very excited," Zhang said. 

President Donald Trump has been very critical of trade relationship between the U.S. and China.

He claimed on the campaign trail that China was taking advantage of the U.S. economically.

"We are living here so we do business with China and all over the world, we bring things in from China. We hope everything settles completely," Zhang said.

Zhang believes that culturally there is a disconnect between the leaders, that can be fixed with a productive meeting.

“A lot of the things in the culture are different we need to learn from each other,” Zhang said.

The latest White House announcement about the visit gave a few more details about what will happen over the two days.

Both presidents will arrive in Palm Beach on Thursday afternoon and the 24-hour meeting will begin immediately.

Thursday night, there will be a formal dinner; the next day, the meeting will continue through a working lunch.

Regarding the importance of the meeting, White House officials said there is no greater economic relationship in the world, and that they are very concerned about the imbalance.

During the 24-hour meeting, they hope to start a relationship and create a framework where issues can be productively discussed. 

Zhang is on board with that plan.

"We need to help each other; not only China need America, America need China,” he said.

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