'Stealthing' becoming dangerous sex trend

(Associated Press)

MIAMI – A dangerous sex trend called "stealthing" is reportedly on the rise, with men taking advantage of unknowing women during consensual sex.

USA Today reports "stealthing" involves a man removing his condom during intercourse without letting the woman know, and then bragging about it online.

In a paper issued by the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, "stealthing" could be considered sexual assault and violate several laws.

The paper's author, Alexandra Brodsky, say men who engage in the trend often cite their "right" to spread their "seed."

The USA Today article documents instances of women who are victims of "stealthing," yet wonder if it is considered rape.

However, current laws do not seem to cover "stealthing."

Victims of "Stealthing" can become pregnant and are susceptible to sexual disease.