'I did it. I finished her,' Hollywood man says after killing wife

Claude Sejour was upset his wife was carrying another man's baby, police say

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Wearing a blood-stained button-down shirt, Claude Sejour waited for police outside his Hollywood home Wednesday night.

The 48-year-old had just killed his wife, Marie Joseph, after learning she was carrying another man’s baby, according to a police report.  He was angry about the baby, and told police he took a metal pipe and struck her several times before she died. 

Sejour called police to let them know what he’d done, the report said. 

Moments later another neighbor then called and told police Sejour confessed the slaying to him. He would later tell police that Sejour waved him over and told him that his wife had a boyfriend and was present.

The neighbor said he went into the home and saw Joseph lying in bed as her 17-year-old daughter tried to wake her up. He checked for a pulse, but then realized she was dead.

It was just about 10:30 p.m. when police arrived in the 5900 block of Thomas Street, and they said Sejour was waiting for them with blood on his hands and face.

Inside the home, the couple’s children, who range in age from 17 to 4, were waiting.

Joseph was in the bedroom wearing a sports bra and blue pajama pants. She had severe trauma to her right eye, left check forehead and to the top of her head, police said. 

Her blood was all over the walls and there was a red pipe wrench on the dresser that had traces of blood on it, police said.

After being read his rights in Creole, Sejour told police that the couple got into an argument because Joseph was on the phone with her boyfriend and that her boyfriend stated that Joseph was pregnant.

Sejour felt she wasn’t taking care of him and their children, he told police.

Police said Sejour told them Joseph grabbed a knife and lunged at him and that he grabbed a red pipe to knock the knife out of her hand, which caused the knife to stab her.

He then hit her with the pipe wrench, police said.

Later, police said, Sejour changed his story and said he hit Joseph with the pipe wrench first and stabbed her when the knife fell.

Police said Sejour told them he didn’t mean to kill Joseph,  but was angry that she had a boyfriend and was carrying that man's child.

Sejour was arrested on one count of premeditated homicide. 

Upon learning about the incident Henry Oquendo, a family friend, said he was shocked. 

"I'm shocked that he would do something like that to his wife," he said.