Undocumented immigrants rally outside Homestead City Hall

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – The cries of injustice echoed on the steps of Homestead City Hall on Monday, where a group of undocumented immigrants declared that they will not live in the shadow of fear. 

"In the eight years with Obama, they were loud, and even though a lot of people were scared, they were loud," rally organizer Juan Carlos Olmos said. "But now, with this administration, they are trying to put those people back in the shadows." 

The demonstration was part of May Day celebrations across South Florida, with particular attention focused on President Trump. 

Migrants held up signs that read in Spanish: "This country depends on immigrants."

A lack of dignity and respect is what the crowd said angers them the most. 

"We've seen it all the time in other Latin American countries and around the world when it comes to changing public opinion (and) when it comes to the anti-immigrant sentiment in this country," volunteer Cata Santiago said.  

Migrant workers also marched carrying fruit and vegetables -- a walk that took them to restaurants and bakeries owned by immigrant families.         

"Our clientele is mostly immigrants -- migrant workers from North Carolina, Michigan and California," business owner Yajayra Resendiz said. "They came from all over, and it's really important for us to support our community."

The work stoppage goes beyond laborers. 

Businesses across Homestead have closed and will remain closed for the next couple of days. 

One sign read in Spanish: "We're closed today." 

Business owners said they'll take part in events throughout the week. 

"The last time we marched, I lost my job," Olmos said. "But I am here because I'm not going to stay quiet. My community needs me."