Cuban transgender woman shares her story

Ruby says she remembers insults from stranges in Pinar del Rio

PINAR DEL RIO, Cuba – Living as a transgender woman hasn't had its share of difficulties for Ruby, who was born Hector Rodriguez. 

Her recent move out of the country side and into the city of Pinar del Rio was challenging. She has been there for five months.

Insults from strangers accusing her of having AIDS or being a prostitute are part of the experience, she said. 

"Despite the fact that the city has more culture and there is more high class, there are people who eat [expletive] and are critical," Ruby said.

Cuban President Raul Castro's daughter Mariela Castro says she has been working to make sure Cubans get the education they need to understand the LGBTQ community on the island. 

Mariela Castro had a message for Ruby:  Don't lose hope. Don't lose faith in that our society is in a permanent state of transformation."

Mariela Castro also invited Ruby to participate in that transformation. 




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