Roger Stone says he had no influence on president's decision to fire Comey

'Nobody talks Donald Trump into anything,' Stone says

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A former informal adviser for President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, spoke to Local 10 News on Wednesday, saying he supported the decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, but had no influence on the president's decision.

Stone's comments come after CNN reported that Trump's longtime friend and confidant was among those who urged Trump to fire Comey.

Stone denied the claims and said that no one can influence Trump.

"There's no confirmation from me in either one of those stories," Stone said. "It's always been my position that any such conversation I have with the president will remain confidential, and I make no such claim." 

According to the CNN source, Stone spoke to Trump after Comey appeared at a hearing last week on Capitol Hill.

Trump denied those claims in a tweet, writing: "The Roger Stone report on CNN is false. Fake news. Have not spoken to Roger in a long time - had nothing to do with my decision."

"Did I talk Donald Trump into it? Nobody talks Donald Trump into anything," Stone said.  

Stone, who is also being scrutinized by the FBI as part of their Russia investigation, said that he's been outspoken for a while about letting Comey go.

"Mr. Comey had become a power unto himself, not responsive to the Congress, not responsive to the executive," Stone said. "He was becoming like a little J. Edgar Hoover (and) seemed to be pursuing his own agenda." 

Stone said that Comey has also violated FBI procedures during the election and said that losing his job was Comey's own doing.

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