Miami-Dade schools police officer involved in crash on way to call

Officer taken to hospital as precaution


MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A Miami-Dade Schools police officer was involved in a car crash Thursday morning while on the way to a call, Miami-Dade County Public School District officials said.

The crash was reported in the area of Northwest Seventh Avenue and 71st Street.

MDCPS spokesman John Schuster said the officer was driving west on 71st Street with her lights and siren activated when she approached the intersection.

Schuster said the officer came to stop, as did other drivers.

Schuster said one driver did not stop and struck the police cruiser as the officer attempted to cross the intersection.

The driver told authorities that she did not see the officer's vehicle with its lights and siren on.

Authorities said the officer was taken as a precaution by another school police officer to North Shore Medical Center .

The other driver remained at the scene and suffered some cuts to her face. Schuster said she was not taken to the hospital.


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