Overtown business owner says she's constantly harassed by police, city officials

Corrine Bradley's business has been in area for about 50 years

MIAMI – Corrine Bradley's market has been open for business for nearly 50 years in Overtown.

"Forty-eight years, up until last year, we've never had (any) complaints," Bradley said.  

In the past year, the city of Miami noticed a number of arrests near Bradley’s business on Northwest Second Avenue and decided to designate it a nuisance property.

The designation has levied thousands in fines for the corner market.

"It's not on my property," Bradley said. " That's what I can't understand. They're across the street."

Bradley said she is being forced to install more lights and a camera system and that the cameras had to be remotely monitored by the police. 

"They should pay for it, or put up their own. What's wrong with them putting up their own camera?" Bradley said.

Hilton Napoleon, Bradley's attorney, also weighed in.

"Big brother doesn't have the right to peep inside and see what we're doing," Napoleon said.

Napoleon has filed a suit against the city, claiming forcing Bradley to install a pricey high-tech system for police to view at will is unconstitutional.

Local 10 News made calls to the Miami city attorney's office, but they were unreturned. Miami police told Local 10 News they'd reply to a request for a comment, but had not done so by the time of the report.

In the meantime, customers said police have been targeting the property.

"Every time somebody go up in front of that lady's store, they come up harassing us. We don't give them invitation to mess with us," a customer said.

It's important to note the area is being redeveloped and land prices are rising.  

"I think that people will make their own conclusion, and it's clear as day what is going on here," Napoleon said.