Homeless say they were forced out of Stranahan Park after city cited for unsanitary conditions

Health Department says it received complaints about rats in area

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Homeless people in Fort Lauderdale told Local 10 News that they were ordered out of Stranahan Park on Friday afternoon by city crews.

They said city crews showed up at the park shortly before 3 p.m. and said they were cited by the Health Department and had to clean up the park.

People said they had no notice to leave and garbage trucks were sent out to collect whatever debris and property people couldn't carry off with them.

Fort Lauderdale officials confirmed that the city was cited by the Florida Department of Health for unsanitary conditions at Stranahan Park.

According to a complaint record from the Health Department, an inspector responded to the park after receiving complaints about rats in the area and saw homeless men and women camping at the park.

The inspector also noted "tarps, boxes, trash bags, garbage and several other material accumulation creating harborage for rats."

The Health Department gave the city until June 16 to rectify the situation.

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