Miami authorities expect thousands of demonstrators in support of Venezuela

Police officers warn drivers of possible traffic delays in Little Havana


LITTLE HAVANA, Fla. – Miami police officers are preparing for a large crowd at a park in Miami's Little Havana on Saturday. 

Thousands protesting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro are expected at the Jose Marti Park starting at 10 a.m., according to Miami Police Detective Kenia Fallat.

Miami police officers will be in the area to deal with traffic congestion during a rally in support of Venezuelan opponents of Maduro at 351 S.W. 4th Ave. 

Maduro's opposition has been protesting since April after the Supreme Court ruled to limit the power of the opposition-controlled National Assembly. The Supreme Court justices, who support Maduro, later reversed their decision. 

Authorities have linked at least 46 deaths to the nearly two months of protests. Venezuelan prosecutors filed charges against a few police officers and soldiers accused of killing a student and a father in the state of Tachira this week. 

Venezuelans will also be protesting in Caracas and other major cities Saturday. They will be marching against Maduro's push to rewrite the 1999 constitution. 

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