Car drives onto highway with drunk man on trunk


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – An unknowing Tennessee couple leaving a downtown event drove onto a highway with a drunk man asleep on the trunk of their car.

WHBQ reports Carl Webb and his wife were headed home after attending Barbecue Fest on Thursday night. The couple had driven 14 miles before they were stopped by a police officer.

The officer approached the car and asked Webb if he was aware there was a body on his trunk.

"He goes, ‘Mr. I'm not messing with you. There's a body on your trunk,’" Webb told the station. "So I got out. We walked around and sure enough there he was still hanging on, still unconscious, just lying there.”

The trunk the man was sleeping on measured just 14 inches.

Even after the long journey, the man was so drunk he still had to jostled out of his sleep by the officer. Once awake, the man then stumbled into oncoming traffic.

The unidentified man was transported away in the police cruiser.