Woman accused of paying teen for sex

Boy's mom tells police officers son feared sexually transmitted disease


PORT SAINT LUCIE, Fla. – Detectives are accusing Rebecca McGraw of paying a 15-year-old boy upwards of $300 for sexual encounters.

McGraw worked as an assistant manager at the apartment complex where the boy lived.  Detectives said the 38-year-old woman also allowed him to use her credit card and let him drive her car. 

Zahadi Ortis, a resident at the apartment complex, said she couldn't believe the child sex abuse allegations. 

"She's always so super kind and sweet," Ortis said. 

The boy's mother reported the alleged child sex abuse to police officers, after she found a text message in her son's phone.

According St. Lucie County Detective Joe Norkus the message said the boy needed to seek out medical attention for a possible sexually transmitted disease. 

Local 10 News' partner ABC affiliate WPBF News contributed to this report. 

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