Teen arrested after harassing ex-girlfriend, her new boyfriend, deputies say

Raymond Boor punches ex's boyfriend


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – An 18-year-old was arrested after he harassed his girlfriend and her new boyfriend in February, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.

Deputies were called out on Feb. 17 to a Checkers at Northeast Sixth Avenue and East Oakland Park Boulevard where a victim told them that he'd been attacked.

The victim told deputies that his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Raymond Boor, was cursing at her, a friend, a mechanic and a shop owner, an arrest report said.The victim later picked her up from the mechanic garage.

That's when the couple noticed that Boor was following them in a smaller red Dodge four-door, deputies said.  The victim said he then stopped his car and tried to calm Boor down.

The victim said he never left the car as Boor got out of his, stood in the middle of the road and repeated "Really (ex-girlfriend) this is how you do me," deputies said.

Boor then approached the vehicle, and through an open window punched, the victim's face, deputies said. Boor struck the victim in the nose and then several more times to the face. 

The victim was able to eventually push Boor out of the way.

He then drove away, but Boor was able to catch up and rammed his vehicle into the victim's, deputies said.

The victim then called his mother, who took him to Holy Cross Hospital to be treated for a broken nose.

Boor was arrested on charges of assault, battery and criminal mischief.