OAS debates crisis in Venezuela

Colombia stands against Maduro's effort to rewrite consitution


WASHINGTON – While some member countries of the Organization of American States met on Wednesday to discuss the crisis in Venezuela in Washington, authorities in Caracas continued using tear gas canisters and water cannons to disrupt a massive protest against President Nicolas Maduro.  

The OAS aired the meeting on their website, as Maduro's opposition shared photos and videos of the massive protest on the Francisco Fajardo Highway. 

Maria Angela Holguin, Colombia's chancellor to the OAS, said in Spanish that coming up with a solution to the crisis in Venezuela is becoming "increasingly urgent." She added that Maduro's effort to change the constitution "is not a solution to the actual political conflict." 

Venezuelan authorities have linked 59 deaths to the recent wave of anti-Maduro protests. Protesters are injured daily and thousands have been arrested. Some soldiers and police officers have faced charges for killings during the protests and civilians have faced military tribunals. 

Nicaragua was among the countries who continue to support Maduro. Venezuela announced its withdrawal from the OAS in April. 

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