Keys man found with half-pound marijuana, other drugs in truck

Hayes Culbertson scratching off lottery tickets when arresting deputy arrives

MARATHON, Fla. – A Marathon man was arrested Sunday morning after deputies found a variety of drugs inside his truck, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said.

Deputy Matthew Cory was called to the Overseas Lounge at 1 a.m. after someone reported seeing a man passed out in a truck.

When Cory arrived, he found Hayes Culbertson sitting in his truck, scratching off lottery tickets, deputies said.

After being questioned about a strong marijuana smell coming from the vehicle, Culbertson admitted to Cory that he had a small amount of the substance in the truck, deputies said.

Culbertson was asked to exit the truck and was detained.

Marijuana was found throughout the truck, including a half-pound of it in a vacuum-sealed bag inside a pillow case, deputies said. Hash, cocaine, hash oil, amphetamine, dextroamphetamine and drug paraphernalia were also found.

Culbertson was arrested on multiple drug possession charges.