North Miami police chief to be forced out after Charles Kinsey shooting

Gary Eugene given option to resign with severance package, official says

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – North Miami police Chief Gary Eugene is being forced to leave the North Miami Police Department, a city official told Local 10 News on Thursday.

Local 10 News obtained a letter given to Eugene that said he was being placed on paid administrative leave as of Thursday. 

"I am feeling shocked," Eugene said. "It is unfair not only to me but to the community. I wish the city of North Miami the very best." 

The anonymous source said Eugene is on administrative leave because of his handling of the controversial shooting of Charles Kinsey and has been offered a severance package if he resigns.

The official said Eugene will be fired on July 7 if he refuses to accept the severance package.

The letter confirms that Eugene's paid leave will last through July 7, at which time he would be terminated.

The official said Eugene possibly made conflicting statements to the state attorney's office about the shooting of Kinsey, a behavioral therapist who was shot in the leg last year by Officer Jonathon Aledda while he was outside with his autistic patient.

Aledda has since been charged in the shooting.

Eugene received the letter on the day that he came back from months of sick leave. 

He has only served as police chief for a little under a year. 

Eugene refused to comment further, saying that he needs to speak with his attorney.

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