Credit card skimmers found at gas station in Davie

DAVIE, Fla. – Drivers are being warned against gassing up at a particular convenience store in Davie after skimmers keep being found on the pumps.

Authorities said two skimmers were found Monday at a 7-Eleven at 4490 Weston Road in Davie. This is the third time they've found the devices there in less than three months.

Authorities said the three credit card skimmers could have been used to steal financial information from countless customers.

"Does that worry you?" Local 10 News reporter Ian Margol asked one customer.

"Definitely. I don't want my stuff stolen," Andrew Ayala said. "It's already been stolen twice and one was at a gas pump."

According to the Department of Agriculture, two skimmers were found at the gas station on Monday and another was found at the same gas station in March and in February.

"I'm not going to let this happen to me or to anybody else," Neal Bloom, who reported the skimmers at the gas station, said.

Bloom originally reported to authorities that there might be a problem. He said when he went to fill up his car over the weekend, a few things jumped out at him right away.

"I noticed that all the security tapes were either pulled off or cut," Bloom said.

Bloom called the Department of Agriculture, which sent out an inspector. Davie police were then brought in to remove the two devices.

Authorities said skimmers are used to steal information off the magnetic strip of credit cards.

Crooks then use that information to clone the cards or break into victims' bank accounts and steal their money.

Bloom thinks the Davie gas station in particular is a really attractive target.

"There's crime everywhere, and this type of crime is more attractive in this type of neighborhood because they figure there's money," he said.

The Davie Police Department is investigating to try and figure out who planted the credit card skimmers at the gas station.

Anyone who thinks their bank information might have been compromised at a gas station is urged to call the Department of Agriculture at 1-800-HELP-FLA.

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