Men panic as snake slithers out from under truck's hood

LUBBOCK, Texas – Two men driving through Texas panicked upon seeing they had an unexpected passenger on their journey.

Zakary Wyatt and Swade Moyers were just outside Lubbock when they saw the head of a snake pop up from under the hood of the truck.

Soon, a lot more than the head appeared.

The men start doing all they could to encourage the snake to hop off the truck.

"Get out of here, snake! Oh my gosh, dude, that thing is long," one of them yells.

Once the men pull over to the side of the road, the long snake takes a spot on the top of the hood before it truly terrifies the guys by heading towards the front windshield.

Moyers posted the entire episode on Facebook and said the snake eventually did leave without either man having to get out of the truck.