Face-eating suspect Austin Harrouff's jailhouse calls released

Former FSU student accused of killing Martin County couple

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – Jail conversations between Austin Harrouff, who is accused of killing a couple in Martin County last August and chewing on the face of one of the victims, and his family were released Thursday.

In one of the calls, Harrouff speaks to his father, who seems to try to console his son.

"Everything's going to be alright. I mean, don't worry about nothing. We're going to get through this," Harrouff's father, Wade Harrouff, said.

"It's just hard adjusting to jail," Austin Harrouff said.

"I know. You need to get a Bible, Austin," his father said.

"I know. I asked for one," Austin Harrouff said.

"You have one?" Wade Harrouff asked.

"Are you getting me a therapist or anything?" Austin Harrouff responded.

"Yes, I plan on it," his father said.

Austin Harrouff apologized to the victims' families in a taped "Dr. Phil" interview that never aired, but the victims' family members said they would never accept an apology from the former Florida State University student.

Authorities said Harrouff left a family dinner at Duffy's restaurant in Jupiter on Aug. 14, when he walked to the neighborhood of Michelle Mishcon Stevens and John Stevens and fatally attacked them in their garage.

Detectives said the couple's neighbor, Jeffrey Fisher, 47, was attacked while trying to help them. He was released from the hospital days later.

Austin Harrouff is accused of killing Michelle Mishcon Stevens and John Stevens at their home in Martin County.
Austin Harrouff is accused of killing Michelle Mishcon Stevens and John Stevens at their home in Martin County.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said deputies found Harrouff on top of Stevens, biting and removing pieces of the victim's face with his teeth.

Snyder said the first deputy who arrived tried to stop Harrouff with a Taser, but that didn't stop him. More deputies and a K-9 unit were called and eventually overpowered him.

Harrouff claimed that a "dark figure" named Daniel was  speaking to him the night of the attack and that he was scared.

Prosecutors believe Daniel is Harrouff's imaginary friend.

Harrouff is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder. He is being held without bond.

"Listen, Austin, you gotta stay strong here, now," Wade Harrouff told his son in a jail conversation. "Toughest thing you've ever done."

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