National Ice Cream Day is Sunday: All the scoop on free treats

Baskin-Robbins, McDonald's, Carvel among national chains offering deals


This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, if you can believe such a glorious “holiday” exists. So let’s get some free or discounted treats, shall we?

Here are some deals we found:

Carvel --

It’s buy-one, get-one-free for any size cup or cone, soft ice cream only, according to the company’s website.

McDonald’s --

At participating restaurants nationwide, free vanilla cones will be offered all day long through the McDonald's app, and one lucky guest will have the chance to win free soft serve for life.

People hoping for a complimentary cone need to download the McDonald's mobile app and redeem the free vanilla cone offer at a McDonald's location on Sunday.

One guest also will receive a special "Golden Arches Cone," an exclusive, limited-edition cone that entitles the winner to McDonald's soft serve for life. The "Golden Arches Cone Game" is available only at stand-alone McDonald's restaurants.

Baskin-Robbins --

Anyone who downloads the Baskin-Robbins mobile app for the first time will receive a free regular 4-ounce scoop of ice cream.

Mobile app users will also will receive exclusive offers on Sunday, including:

--Buy one ice cream cone, get one for 99 cents
--Buy one single-scoop warm cookie ice cream sandwich, get one for 99 cents
--Buy one classic two-scoop sundae, get one for 99 cents
--$2 off a Polar Pizza

Also, on Friday, Baskin-Robbins will be sampling its new mint chocolate chip Polar Pizza -- meaning free samples will be offered from noon to 5 p.m. at participating locations.


Look up your favorite local ice cream shops, as well -- social media might be a good place to start. Many of them could be churning out a discounted or free treat, too.

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