Detectives search for clues in Fort Lauderdale teen's disappearance

Parents last saw Sophie Reeder, 15, in May

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A surveillance video shows 15-year-old Sophie Reeder walking alone in Fort Lauderdale. She was wearing a pair of white head phones, after leaving her home May 19. The girl vanished. 

Sophie had runaway from home before, but she was only away for a day. Her mom, Nicole Twist, and dad, Patrick Reeder, fear that she could be a human trafficking victim. 

"She is missed. She is loved. There is nothing that she has done that would change the fact that I want her," Twist said. 

Detectives found evidence that she had been communicating with a man who they suspect is a sexual predator. They said she is vulnerable and dealing with mental health issues. 

Authorities searched a home near Stranahan High School earlier this week looking for clues to Sophie's disappearance. The teen weighs about 200 pounds and is about 5-feet and one inch tall. 

Fort Lauderdale authorities were asking anyone with information to call Detective Jennifer Saint-Jean at 954-828-5570.

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