VIDEO: Art exhibit selfie accident causes $200K in damage


LOS ANGELES – This was one story you hoped would actually be fake, but sadly, it appears to be true.

An art exhibit at a Los Angeles gallery suffered $200,000 in damage after a woman tumbled into a display while taking a selfie two weeks ago.

As the "kids" say: Of course, because selfie.

The woman seems to lose her balance and falls back into one of the podiums, leading it to fall, and then fall into other nearby podiums.

Surveillance video of the domino-like incident was posted Thursday to YouTube and led many to comment that it was a set up or stunt.

However, the spokesperson at The 14th Factory where the exhibit was held told Fox News that the accident was real and the damages were indeed in the six-figure range.

The New York Times reports the items were from British multimedia artist Simon Birch, who also claims the accident did occur.

The museum spokesperson said the damaged sculptures took 20 to 30 hours to create.