Police haven't ruled out murder in disappearance of teen missing since May

Private investigator says police found Sophie Reeder's headphones in home

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A South Florida mother is living in her own personal nightmare.

"It's been very, very stressful," Nicole Twist told Local 10 News. "I don't sleep very well. I just feel so guilty."

It's been two months since her 15-year-old daughter, Sophie Reeder, vanished without a trace.

"I know Sophie, and Sophie, you know, she would go home," Twist said. "She would have called somebody by now."

A little more than two weeks ago, an investigation into her disappearance led police to a home in Fort Lauderdale near Stranahan High School, where Sophie once briefly attended. A search warrant was executed.

"Now they're looking at this case as a very, very serious crime, either human trafficking, abduction or possibly murder," private investigator John Rode said. "This is the first indication that I've seen in the case that they're possibly looking into this case as a murder case."

Investigators dusted for fingerprints and interviewed three men inside the home, but no arrests were made. However, police didn't leave empty-handed. Twenty-five cellphones were seized, along with two computer towers, ammunition and a pair of headphones.


"Headphones which, of course, Sophie was wearing," Rode said.

Detectives aren't connecting some of the seized items to the 15-year-old, who has run away in the past, but police believe this time was different.

Evidence found on her computer is leading police to believe that she may be with a predator or human trafficker.

For Twist, every passing day without knowing where her daughter is has become gut-wrenching.

"There's nothing that she's done that would change how much I love her and want her back, and she's truly missed," Twist said.

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