Cuba government releases 'taxis ruteros'

Amid transportation challenge, government introduces new service

HAVANA – The Cuban government is running a new transportation service in Havana known as the "Taxis Ruteros."

The system of about 60 cars and microbuses painted in canary yellow and black checkers started to circulate May 15. It's a shared service. 

According to Cuban officials with the department of transportation the vehicles have been servicing about 2,600 customers daily.  

The drivers wear uniforms and are trained to treat their customers with courtesy. Oscar Alacan, a driver with a "Taxi Rutero," said passengers are having trouble understanding the pay system. 

"Passengers haven't been informed well," Alacan said. 

There service only operates in three areas. Crossing every area costs $ 5 CUP, so the most expensive ride would cost $15 CUP. 

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