Lost ring found on Fort Lauderdale beach gets reunited with owner

Names of 'David and Sara' engraved on gold ring


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A gold ring that was found on the beach in Fort Lauderdale has been reunited with its owner.

The names of "David and Sara" were engraved on the gold ring.

The ring belonged to Sara's son, David, who died in a motorcycle accident about three years ago. Every year for Christmas, she buys a gift that is representative of her son. The ring was something that she bought.

Sara and Samantha Andres
Sara and Samantha Andres

Sara was visiting her parents on the beach by Aruba Cafe and it slipped off her finger.

Beth Andres asked the public to share the photo of the ring in hopes the rightful owner would contact her on Facebook. Her daughter, Samantha Andres, is the one who found the ring.

Beth Andres said several people told her to go to jewlr.com and see if they could help her since they had that ring on the website. She created the ring and placed it in the cart. She called them and explained the situation. They researched it and that's how the owner was found.​

The ring has since been returned to its owner.

Local 10 News' Marcine Joseph contributed to this story.

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