South Florida neighborhoods appear to be buzzing with bees lately

Beekeepers are keeping busy in Broward County in recent weeks

MIRAMAR, Fla. – South Florida neighborhoods are buzzing with busy bees hard at work, and they have sent residents into a panic.

Beekeepers have also been kept busy clearing the hives.

Local 10 News reporter Neki Mohan went along with Andre Dodd and Alex De La Rosa, bee removal experts with the Willie the Bee Man company, as they serviced a Miramar town home.

Inside the home, the duo found a swarm of bees on the second-floor roof. They said this was the second time in two weeks that workers have been called to the same community.

Homeowner Beyomar Sabogan said he was nervous because one of his neighbors was in a sticky situation just two weeks ago.

"They had to tear down their entire wall, and there was just honey in the back of the wall dripping down. So we are lucky," Sabogan said.

In both cases, the removal team had to destroy the bees and the hive, but teams are being trained to relocate when necessary.

Dodd said bees are a valuable asset to the farmers and society as a whole.

"If the situation is optimal, we harvest the bees gingerly, pick up the hive and take it with us," Dodd said.

The best case scenario for bee harvesting is catching the hive early. This time of year is the height of bee season, so experts say to be vigilant and keep an eye out because the bees are hard at work.

Over in Weston, a large beehive was spotted in a tree outside a restaurant just two weeks ago.

To save the bees and your home, removal experts said the sooner you catch the problem, the better the chance for a sweeter outcome.