App locks kids' phones until they answer your messages

(Sean Gallup / Getty Images)

MIAMI – Tired of your children never replying to your messages?

Annoyed your kids don't respond to your texts?

There is now an app that will allow parents to lay the smackdown on kids who ignore all efforts to communicate via smartphones.

WAGA reports the new ReplyASAP app takes over a recipient's (your kids) phone screen, and proceeds to sound a never-ending alarm that cannot be turned off until a text, message or call is answered.

Once the text or message has been read, the sender (the parents) will receive a notification.

The app is the brainchild of Nick Herbert, a father annoyed that his son was ignoring all his smartphone communications.

Herbert freely admits that he is also at fault when it comes to not responding, so he fully expects his son to use the ReadyASAP app on him.