Miami Beach officials take new safety precautions following terrorist attack in Barcelona

Barriers to go up along Lincoln Road

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Miami Beach officials are taking new safety precautions following the terror attack in Barcelona.

Barcelona's Las Ramblas is much like Lincoln Road on South Beach.

Barriers will soon go up on the eastern end of Lincoln Road off Washington Avenue and on the western side of the mall along Alton Road.

"We realized we probably needed to start doing stuff a little more quickly, maybe short term, while we implement long-term solutions," city manager Jimmy Morales said. 

Morales said the barriers will only be at those main intersections, but the smaller streets that cross through the mall will also likely see changes in the future.

According to an email from the city, the decision to put up the barriers is one that came about after public works leaders and the chiefs of the city's police and fire departments put their heads together to evaluate places that are vulnerable to a vehicle attack, like the one in Barcelona.

The concrete barriers are only a temporary solution.

The city said they will be eventually installing more permanent and more aesthetically pleasing options.

"As part of the larger capital project on Lincoln Road, we'll probably have bollards there," Morales said. 

For now, people Local 10 News reporter Ian Margol spoke with Tuesday on Lincoln Road think the decision is a good one.

"If it's protection for the citizens, I believe it's a good thing," Marcus Gonzalez, who is visiting from Trinidad and Tobego, said. 

City officials said the barriers have been ordered and are being expedited, but there is no word yet on exactly when they'll be installed.

The city manager said officials are considering safety changes for other hot spots, such as Ocean Drive.



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