Attempt to make viral video leads to Burger King parking lot shooting, police say

Daniel Rodriguez, 20, and Enrique Santana, 26, face multiple charges

From left: Daniel Rodriguez, 20, and Enrique Santana, 26
From left: Daniel Rodriguez, 20, and Enrique Santana, 26

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – Two out of three men who were involved in a shooting Tuesday in the parking lot of a South Florida Burger King are facing charges, authorities said.

Miami-Dade police arrested Daniel Rodriguez, 20, and Enrique Santana, 26, on charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault with a firearm. Rodriguez faces an additional charge of tampering with physical evidence.

According to an arrest report, the suspects attempted to make a viral video of them causing a scene and harassing employees and customers inside a Burger King at 11595 SW 40th St.

Police said Rodriguez continued screaming obscenities while leaving the fast-food restaurant, which caught the attention of another man, Jorge Rodriguez, 59.

Authorities said the suspects exchanged words with Jorge Rodriguez as they got into their black Volkswagen Jetta.

The man, who told police that he thought the suspects were going to rob the business or attack him, said he retrieved a machete and told the suspects to leave the area.

According to the arrest report, the suspects drove toward the exit of the parking lot, reversed and Daniel Rodriguez jumped out and pointed a gun at Jorge Rodriguez while Santana yelled at him to shoot the victim.

Police said Jorge Rodriguez ran to his own vehicle and retrieved his gun as the suspects fled the scene.

The victim told detectives that the suspects returned about two minutes later and again Santana yelled, "Shoot him, shoot him."

Police said Daniel Rodriguez leaned over Santana and pointed his gun at the victim through the driver's side window.

The victim told police that he warned the suspects that he was also armed and he sought shelter inside the Burger King as the suspects once again left the scene.

Police said they returned for a third time and Daniel Rodriguez fired at the victim after the victim came outside the restaurant and approached the suspects, ordering Daniel Rodriguez to step out of the car and drop his gun.

Police said the victim attempted to seek cover by running between two vehicles, ultimately pinning himself between the cars.

The victim suffered bruising and swelling to both legs.

Police said Daniel Rodriguez got out of the Jetta, approached the victim and struck the victim in the middle of the back with a projectile.

The suspects then fled the scene for the final time, authorities said.

The victim was taken to Kendall Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and released.

Police said both suspects confessed to their involvement in the shooting.

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