Piglets rescued by firefighters served up as sausages for reward

(Carsten Koall / Getty Images)

WILTSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM – This is one rescue story that does not have a happy ending... for everyone.

After firefighters rescued piglets from a raging barn fire, they were served up to them as sausages for a reward.

The BBC reports 18 piglets and two sows were rescued from the farm in Wiltshire, England back in February, but then cooked, packaged and delivered to the fire station six months later.

The firefighters barbecued the sausages and said they were "fantastic."

Officials with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals say the lives of the piglets ended just as if they had died in the fire.

"I gave those animals the best quality of life I could ever give until the time they go to slaughter and they go into the food chain," farm manager Rachel Rivers told the BBC.

"You do feel sad at the end of it... but to bring them down for [the firefighters] was a good way of saying 'thank you'."




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