Cancer-stricken man shoots, kills friend who introduced him to smoking

(Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

UTTAM NAGAR, INDIA – A man stricken with cancer shot and killed his friend who introduced him to smoking.

The New York Daily News reports Mustakeem Ahmad, 25, was arrested in India on Friday for the death of his friend Inayat.

Ahmad, who suffers from throat cancer due to excessive smoking, told investigators that Inayat had introduced him to cigarettes and marijuana.

Ahmad reportedly blames Inayat for getting him addicted to cigarettes. The Daily News also claims Ahmad was jealous that Inayat was doing better at the restaurant where both worked.

Before shooting his friend, Ahmad tried to get him fired. When that plan failed, Ahmad shot Inayat during an altercation.

Ahmad was arrested in his hometown after originally fleeing the scene.