More U.S. postal workers accused of delivering cocaine

Federal authorities continue to investigate postal workers

(U.S. Postal Service)

ATLANTA – Federal authorities continue searching for U.S. postal workers who could be doing business with drug traffickers around the nation. 

The FBI and the DEA learned drug dealers have been using the U.S. postal system as a way to avoid detection during drug distribution. 

"There's been an increased number of occurrences across the country where postal service carriers have been subjected to violence," U.S. Attorney John Horn said.

In Georgia, 15 letter carriers, a clerk and a man faced criminal charges Tuesday after a sting. Authorities say the accused thought they were moving cocaine through the mail. 

The USPS workers are accused of "accepting work from somebody that they believed to be a drug dealer,"  "For a simple few extra bucks in their pockets, they were willing to not only bring what they believed to be dangerous drugs into our communities, but they also jeopardized the safety of their co-workers."

In Atlanta, police officers arrested two men in July for trying to rob USPS workers who they believed were carrying marijuana, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution


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