Speeding an issue in neighorhood where car crashed into home, residents say

Homeowner says this is second time a vehicle has crashed into home

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A car crashed into a home Thursday morning in northwest Miami-Dade, authorities said.

Sky 10 was above the home at 8220 NW 172nd St. just before 11:30 a.m. as Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews helped a woman out of the home through a large window.

The car, a gold Honda Civic, appeared to have crashed straight through the front door and a window.

The driver was seen being placed into a Fire Rescue truck on a stretcher.

Homeowner Julie Barcena said she was sitting at the dining room table speaking to her husband on the phone when she heard a blast.

She got up to see what had happened and saw that a woman had crashed a car into her home.

"She just looked at me and basically just waved," Barcena said.

Barcena, who grew up in the house that was left to her by her parents, said her children often play in the same spot that the car was in.

"I was on the phone with my husband just trying to explain to him what happened, but all I could scream was, 'Oh my God,' just thinking if my kids would have been here because they're always playing there. This could have been a lot worse."

Barcena said this is the second time a car has crashed into her home. She said that drivers have also struck her mailbox or struck cars in front of her house, because they are speeding while turning at a curve in the street.

"We have met with everyone under the sun and requested speed bumps," neighbor Mercy Sierra said. "We requested turn-about circles in this area, because the speeding that takes place in this section with all the schools that they've installed in the area --  we have over 20 schools in a small area. This is a street that goes all the way to the end without any intersections."

It's unclear whether the driver has been cited or will face charges. 


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