Hollywood firefighters urge residents to stay indoors while clean up takes place

Residents still dealing with adverse conditions following storm

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – In Hollywood on Monday night, people were dealing with anything from downed trees to a boil-water order.

Standing water remained on the streets, and for some who evacuated from their homes, there was no house to return to. And then, in the midst of Hurricane Irma’s fury, a fire started at the corner of 10th Avenue and Harrison Street.

A 3,000-square-foot building went up in flames.

Fire crews responded quickly, but the whipping winds served as an accelerant, which made the situation challenging.

In the the low-lying areas near the Intracoastal, residents were seen fishing debris out of the floodwaters.

Drivers were spotted moving their cars carefully, trying not to stall or splash their neighbors.

As the cleanup efforts got underway, more danger lingered in the area, with sparking power lines.

Hollywood fire officials have been working around the clock to get to every call before anything becomes a full-blown emergency.

A lieutenant implored people to wait a little longer before coming out into the streets.

rma definitely uprooted lives in the area, but for the most part, residents said they felt lucky.

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