Hurricane Irma leaves some airport travelers stranded

Some were taken to local shelters to ride out storm

MIAMI – There were no lines and there was no traffic around the Miami International Airport on Monday night, but travelers remained, even after the storm.

Xiomara Carpio, a stranded traveler, had a 20-hour layover on Friday, but instead, got stuck at the airport, thanks to Hurricane Irma.

Conditions were tough on travelers, considering all the canceled flights -- and then, the knowledge that they couldn’t stay at the airport, so they were moved to nearby shelters.

“We felt it when the internet cut off, so we didn't have internet,” Carpio said. “We didn't have light for like, 30 minutes.”

People in one group from China said they spent three hours sightseeing before they heard about the storm. They got stuck and also had to head out to a shelter, riding out a hurricane in South Florida.

“We stayed in the shelter for (three) nights,” one of the travelers said.

Hurricane Irma did some damage across the area, which includes at area airports.

Photos show some water damage at Miami International Airport that will need to be fixed.

At Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, the damage appeared minimal. But crews are still working to get things operational.


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