Homestead man accused of pointing gun at man, posing as officer

Antonio Prado had ID card presenting himself as federal officer, police say


DAVIE, Fla. – A Homestead man was arrested Sunday in Davie after he pointed a gun at another man while posing as a law enforcement officer, police said.

Antonio Prado, 31, faces a felony charge of falsely impersonating a law enforcement officer.

According to a Davie police report, Prado called police and said someone tried to run over him.

Police said Prado was sitting in his marked security vehicle when another man with whom he had been involved in an incident the previous day pulled up next to him and told him, "I hope you get shot in the face, (expletive)."

Prado followed the man's truck and activated the security vehicle's overhead yellow flashing lights. He later identified himself to police as an "off-duty law enforcement officer," Officer John Strunk wrote in his report.

Strunk said Prado presented him with a card that said "United States Protective Service."

When Strunk questioned Prado about what happened, Prado told him, "I was trying to detain him so that you guys could catch him this time. So I stood in front of his truck, but then I was afraid that he would run me over, so I pulled out my gun and pointed it at him."

The man told police that Prado pulled into his private property, so he yelled at Prado, who pulled out his gun and pointed it at him.

When Strunk asked Prado if his employer was aware of his side job as a security officer, Prado said he wasn't really employed there anymore and was just a "reserve officer."

Strunk wrote that Prado became very nervous and his voice was shaking. Strunk also discovered that the card Prado gave him didn't meet federal security standards.

"It seemed to be more the type of an identification that would be made at home or at an office supply store," the report said.

Police said Prado's gun was fully loaded and had a live round in the chamber at the time that Strunk disarmed him.