Here is why commissioner thinks Amazon should choose Broward

Broward County commissioner sends letter to Jeff Bezos

(David McNew/Getty Images)

MIAMI – Dear Jeff Bezos, bring Amazon to Broward County, Commissioner Michael Udine said in a Wednesday letter trying to get up to 50,000 jobs to come to South Florida.

Udine's bold attempt to persuade the Amazon founder -- currently worth about $80.7 billion -- to make Northwest Broward his second base of operations was sent more than a week after the announcement. 

The Seattle-based company will have the power to kickstart an economy with an investment estimated at $5 billion. The ongoing request for proposal submission process ends Oct. 19. The announcement won't happen until next year. 

Here is the list of his reasons Udine used to try to woo Bezos:

- South Florida, including Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, is the eighth largest metropolitan statistical area in the nation. 

- About 60 percent of the region's population is in "the prime working ages" and Southeast Florida has a skilled tech force. Numerous colleges, universities will provide graduating talent available for future recruitment. 

- Easy convenient access to three major international airports and access to seven private aviation facilities and Port Everglades 

- Zero state income tax.

- Mild climate with an 82 degree average temperature that comes with outdoor activities and recreational opportunities.


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