Miami Beach parks workers could be fired for not coming to work quickly enough after Irma

Employees given intent of termination letters from city

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – The whipping winds and strong storm surge brought on by Hurricane Irma had South Floridians bracing themselves through the storm that left millions without power.

A portion of Miami Beach deemed evacuation zones prompting people to relocate to safety. The storm even prevented some from getting to work, which did not sit well with Miami Beach officials.

Several parks and recreation workers reached out to Local 10 claiming that on Thursday they received this letter stating their current employment status.

"I write this letter to inform you of the City's intent to terminate your employment with the city of Miami Beach for failing to show up to work and/or leaving your work assignment prior to being authorized to do so during our current civil emergency conditions, do to hurricane Irma, as you were required to do so," the letter said.

But the union attorney representing these workers, Michael Baverman, had this to say about the situation.

"They never spoke to anybody and they just sent out a letter saying 'You didn't come to work Tuesday at the appropriate time, the city is going to fire you," he said. 

The letters also include a meeting date where the workers could present their case with Human Resources sometime next week, meanwhile 100 workers could be out of a job.

The city has responded to the letter with a statement that said in part: "In these meetings, employees have an opportunity to provide better understanding why they did not report to work when expected. It is not our intention to terminate any employee who was facing a life safety situation or demonstrates an inability to return to work."