Hollywood leaders come up with street names to replace those honoring Confederate generals

Controversial streets to be renamed Liberty, Hope, Freedom

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy and the city commission came up with three street names Wednesday to replace the controversial Hood, Lee and Forrest streets.

"Sounds like we have a direction toward Liberty, Hope and Freedom streets," Levy said during the city commission workshop.

The move comes after city leaders agreed to rename the streets that currently honor Confederate generals. 

"I am very happy," Benjamin Israel, who fought to rename the streets, said. "This is only the first time I have gone to a government meeting here or in New York where I didn't leave with a sense of frustration."

The renaming comes after contentious protests outside City Hall following the Charlottesville riots.

Some residents argued for keeping the names for the sake of history, legacy and convenience while opponents argued that the street names were symbols of hate.

Certain people said the streets should be renamed to take a stand against the past.

"The reason why I am holding this sign is if we once named these streets for people who were against black people then we should name these streets for someone who fought for civil rights," Ashley Dixon said. 

For Israel and his longtime advocates, changing Forrest, Hood and Lee to Liberty Hope and Freedom is a great start.

"We are really, really happy (that) we took down the symbols of hate," Carlos Valrena said.

"So let's have street names that honor what we aspire to achieve, and not necessarily honor ideals and persons who fought specifically against those ideals and the freedom," Levy said. 

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