Temporary Protected Status for Haitians expires Jan. 22

Haitian migrants worry Trump administration won't extend TPS

MIAMI – Hatian activist Marleine Bastien was protesting this weekend in South Florida. On Saturday, she stood in front of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services building near Miami's Little Haiti. 

She wants to make sure President Donald Trump and immigration authorities understand the importance of renewing the Temporary Protected Status for Haitians. Haiti is in "no position" to absorb the 58,000 Haitians who would have to leave the U.S. if TPS wasn't renewed, Bastien said. 

Bastien wanted to remind Trump what he said he would do when he was campaigning in Miami's Little Haiti last year. He said he was going to be the Haitian-American community's biggest champion. 

The Trump administration extended TPS for Haitians through Jan. 22. 

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