Florida highway named most dangerous in the U.S.

South Florida's I-95 also made the rankings

MIAMI – A Florida highway was named the most dangerous in the entire country, with more deaths than the actual length of the road.

South Florida is also home to the fifth most dangerous highway.

Interstate 4, which connects Tampa, Orlando and Daytona Beach, topped the list of 25 Most Dangerous Interstates put out by Teletrac Navman.

At 132 miles in length, I-4 accounted for 165 traffic fatalities between 2011-2015; that's 1.25 deaths per mile.

According to WSB, there were 58 fatal crashes on I-4 in 2015 and 2016, with 21 already recorded this year.

Closer to Miami/Fort Lauderdale, the study shows I-95, stretching from Miami to Weston, Mass., was responsible for .730 deaths per mile, making it the fifth most dangerous highway. However, the study does not show where the I-95 deaths occurred.

State Road 192, connecting Four Corners, Fla. to Indialantic, Fla. was ranked the third most dangerous highway