Pembroke Pines man accused of impersonating federal officer in Keys

Michael Munoz wore law enforcement insignia, drove Tahoe with blue lights

Michael Munoz is accused of impersonating a federal law enforcement officer after Hurricane Irma.
Michael Munoz is accused of impersonating a federal law enforcement officer after Hurricane Irma.

MARATHON, Fla. – A Pembroke Pines man is facing criminal charges after he impersonated a federal law enforcement officer in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, deputies said.

Michael Munoz, 35, was arrested Sunday by Pembroke Pines police.

According to a Monroe County arrest warrant, Munoz passed himself off as an agent with the Department of Homeland Security.

Monroe County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Joel Slough said he was with several Marathon firefighters at his home Oct. 9 when a blue Chevrolet Tahoe stopped in front. The man who was driving the Tahoe was wearing a tactical vest that had two federal patches on it.

The man, later identified as Munoz, told Slough that he was in the Florida Keys to assist with hurricane recovery efforts.

Slough noticed that Munoz had two pistols in their holsters and was driving a vehicle that had emergency lights on it.

Munoz mentioned during his conversation with Slough that "this used to be my old stomping grounds." He went on to say that he worked for Marathon Fire Rescue in 2005 and that "Cesar" -- Lt. Cesar Moreton -- would know who he was.

Slough said Moreton happened to be at his house, so Munoz got out of the Tahoe and went inside to say hello.

After Munoz left, Moreton told Slough that he didn't believe the man was really a member of law enforcement.

Slough said he contacted Homeland Security and confirmed that Munoz wasn't a federal agent with any federal agency.

According to the warrant, Munoz also claimed to be a federal officer on Facebook.

Several people told detectives they'd seen Munoz in the Marathon area since Sept. 22. They said he was dressed as law enforcement and drove what appeared to be a law enforcement vehicle.

Munoz was booked into the main Broward County jail. He will be returned to the Keys to face the charges.